Wednesday 05 December 2012

The engine management light is on! Or rather, was on, yesterday. The garage can fit me in today, so I drive to Camberley and leave the car with them while I breakfast at a greasy spoon and buy new underwear at the huge M&S. It's tough, leading such a glamorous lifestyle.

They can't fix the car while I wait. I get a train home and it seems I'm lucky, as I walk straight onto a train. All services have been delayed as the rail tracks are "slippery." Who could have seen that coming? (It was cold, frosty and some places got a light covering of snow).

Later in the day I find out that I won't be reunited with my car until Friday: "Can't get the parts." So I spend the day writing this drivel and uploading photos.

Bad news. Dave Brubeck has died. If you have the time, listen to him: