Wednesday 17 October 2012

A wet day :( We laze around Endeavour Cottage until late morning, when suddenly the rain and grey skies are gone, and the sun shines brightly. We spend the day exploring Whitby, looking in the shops, lunching in a cafe, taking photos, and generally enjoying ourselves. In one shop Tina and I find some excellent waterproof jackets, and over trousers, so I let Tina flash her plastic around and wear my new, warm jacket out of the store.

One especially pleasing thing about Whitby - it's hard to see a shop with a name we know. No Starbucks, no Tesco, no McDonalds, no chains of any sort. By the harbour there is a Co-op, and I'm sure we could find a Boots if we looked hard enough, but in the main there is a wealth of local shops and cafes, all with fascinating fronts facing the lucky visitor. I try to photograph them all...

Although a small town, there are many different areas of Whitby to explore, and always marvellous views in all directions. As it is our last day, we dine on fish n chips from a shop in a tiny lane adjacent to ours. The portions in this part of the world are huge, it's a struggle to make an impression on our fried supper. I do manage, somehow.

Captain Cook