Wednesday 24 October 2012

A busy day. In the afternoon I see Matt (the rocket scientist) who failed his test a few weeks ago. He has a test booked for tomorrow morning. The lesson is ... interesting, as Matt seems hell bent on pulling out at every roundabout into spaces that Valentino Rossi would probably decline. His last test was a perfect drive, except for the last roundabout, where he pulled out when he shouldn't. Eventually, he settles down and we finish, quite hopeful for tomorrow.

Lesley says she can visit next week-end, which is very good news, and it's possible that the Fosh family might go off on holiday in November. We need to find somewhere hot which isn't too touristy, and not too far for just a week. We could stay in the UK, and go somewhere like Edinburgh, but after the last few misty days I rather fancy feeling the sun on my face, and a little heat.