Wednesday 26 September 2012

I arrive at Ben's house at 8:25 and to cut a long story short ( I can do it, I CAN), he passes his test. Phew. I see Natalie, his sister, next. She has her test tomorrow, and goes on a sort of melt down today. We stop the lesson, I drive her home, and say I can see her later, after my lunchtime lesson. When I do see her, she has settled down, and things look a bit more hopeful for tomorrow.

I phone Jim, who is after ideas for presents for Tina's birthday. He has an exam tomorrow, and is studying hard. Home before Tina, who has had her hair "done." I remember to compliment her :) Extra Brownie points there... I wish I had hair to be "done." I rather fancy a pony tail, Status Quo style.

There is an adaptation of John Braine's "Room at the Top" on the tellie in the evening. I'm sure I've read the book, but the plot is lost in the mists of time. It works well on the small screen, and it's only in two parts, finishing tomorrow.